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A glimpse of the features that make Spotap a must-have in your phone

  • Hassle Free

    sign-up process. Enter your name and email id or use your Facebook account and you’re ready to go!

  • Get spotted

    by the cool offers closest to you instead of you searching for them. Convenience like never before.

  • Become an offer magnet

    as the app fetches you the best offers around you.

  • Never miss out

    on killer deals. Spotap will send you notifications about the great offers near your home-location.

  • Effortless availing

    of the offers. Spotap will only fetch offers in very close proximity.

  • Be informed

    about the products and services you’re purchasing while availing the great offers.

Beyond offers

  • One for all app

    Spotap isn't just useful in the retail domain. Want information about an exhibit in a museum? Or want to map the location of a specific stall at an expo spread over a large area? Or maybe know the engine specs and colour variants of a car you’re interested in buying. Spotap has it all covered.


    We understand that your content needs change depending on the environment you’re in. Why shouldn’t you be able to make the best of your location just because you didn’t plan in advance and look for offers/information about your place of visit? Why can’t relevant content come to you when you’re at the spot instead of you looking for it?

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Our Mission

Sure, all of us have apps installed in our smartphones that give us exciting offers and informative content. But isn’t it inconvenient to travel to the other end of the town just to redeem a coupon?

Some of the best purchases you’ve done are impulsive. Same applies to the spontaneous plans that you make. That unplanned movie with your friends, the midnight snack & coffee at your favourite café; some things are never planned.

Spotap is an app which provides you the content relevant to your location! Be it offers, deals, or interesting information about the place nearby- Spotap has it all covered. We aim to offer content that is useable for the consumer. By fetching location dependent information, we give users a privilege to choose among many options and make a well informed decision.



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